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stella maris salon imageStella Maris is an aromatherapy salon located in a modern, traditionally styled Japanese house on Akiya beach, famous for the spectacular views of Mt. Fuji at sunset. Here, clients can experience a relaxing, healthy treatment of wellbeing for mind and body, as they unwind to soothing scents, calming hands, and the tranquil, natural sound of waves nearby. The therapist will personally construct a blend of essential oils based on consultation and your preference, choosing from 50 varieties of organic Neal’s Yard Remedies’ products.

Open: 10:00 Final appointment: 16:00Women only.

Appointments are limited to two per day in order to offer clients an unhurried experience.


Maki Starr

Maki StarrAfter a decade working in the PR industry, Maki’s interest in aromatherapy was aroused when she fell in love with the scent of Ylang Ylang on a honeymoon trip to Bali. After the unhealthy lifestyle of stress, she found renewal in the power of aromatherapy, leading to her questioning the balance of work and relaxation. She graduated from the Holistic School Neal’s Yard Remedies IFA course and became a member of IFA. Upon moving from Tokyo to the coast village of Akiya, an hour southwest of the city, she now enjoys a life that is closer to the natural surroundings. Her salon, Stella Maris, opened in 2010, featuring her style of dynamic massage - fluid, soft and deep.

Certified as:


All treatment courses include foot bath and head massage. There is a discount of ¥1,000 for facial treatment and reflexology when combined with body treatment.

Body Treatment


For a refreshing and relaxing feel in a short time. Back, legs, decollete and head massage.


The most popular, full-body treatment.

Herbal Stretch Treatment110min.

Combination of Swedish massage to stimulate muscle and tissues, herbal compress to revitalize skin, and stretching to loosen the whole body.

Facial Treatment

Aroma Facial

Massage with aroma oil.

Beauty Facial

Includes massage with vitamin-E rich argan oil, using a Kassa plate to flush toxins and impurities.

Rosehip Facial

Massage with Neal’s Yard’s "Wild Rose Beauty Balm" containing organic botanical ingredients, such as rosehip and condensed shea butter. For those with dry, tired skin. Great rejuvenating powers for aging skin conditions.

Frankincense Facial

The course features Neal‘s Yard’s famous Frankincense range throughout. Special boost for aged, stressed, suntanned skin.



Pain-free English style. Oil massage of legs follows reflexology with powder.

Maternity Treatment

Scent of aroma and light massage help to release stress and anxiety during maternity period. Please check with your doctor prior to treatment.


Kassa Plate

This option can be added to any facial course but Beauty Facial. Warmed ceramic-made Kassa plate helps flush toxins and impurities. For those with baggy eyes, face lines, etc.

Foot Care

Includes removal of dead skin from heels and moisturization for a healthy look. Also includes nail cleaning and nail balm application. Finish with oil leg massage. Recommended for barefoot season.

Facial Scrub

Mild oatmeal scrub.

  • squareTax is not included in the fee.
  • squareCredit cards are accepted for more than 5,000 yen. (VISA, Master and AMEX)
  • squarePlease add approximately 30 min. for counseling and
    post-treatment tea time to the scheduled treatment time.
  • squareChanging of clothes and foot-bath time will be included in the treatment time.
  • squareNeal’s Yard Remedies’ products are used for all courses.

Available Discounts

  • squareFirst visit discount (¥1,000 off/Essential Oil)
  • square10% off when booking next appointment at the end of treatment
  • square10% off for more than two visits per month
  • square20% off on birthday card requests


Please check the reservation calendar before making a booking. Reservations can be made using the reservation form or by email or telephone. In case the therapist is unable to take your call due to treatment sessions, please leave a message and phone number on the answering machine.
For appointments on that day, please call for availability.


access map
3-4-9 Akiya, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
By Bus: Take one of the buses for Yokosuka Shimin Byoin, Nagai, or Ogusu Ashinaguchi which depart from the #2 bus stop in front of JR Zushi Station, and get off at Tateishi bus stop (about a 25-minute ride). Cross the street and go down the alley near the bus stop. Look for the sign at the entrance of the fourth house on the right side.
By Car: Free parking is available at the Tateishi public parking lot. The salon is a two-minute walk from the parking.
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Tel. 046-807-1470

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